We are enough! 🥰🥰

So when u think of a Mother, what springs to mind. Freshly made packed lunches cut into perfect triangles, the new mum who breast feeds, only uses organic, and looks like she’s walked out of a magazine? A mum who’s children are always clean and well behaved, the perfect Mary popins?

I’m non of those things!!

I’m more of the “shit I forgot the fruit money” or sending my eldest to school in his uniform when it’s non- uniform

Day kinda Mam! And that’s okay! 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’ve always wanted children, since loosing my own mother at 15 years old, I longed for a family unit to call my own! The “perfect” ‘a house, two kids and a dog’ scenario! But man no one told me how hard it really is! It’s like ur juggling those balancing plates! But there’s about 10 of them! 🤯 I think that’s why I beat myself up so much because I wanted this so much!!

I was very close to my mum it was just me and her against the world for such a long time! I always say she was my best friend, in fact we fought like cat and dog, but man I loved her! And I really think I love her more now she’s not here, and even more now I’m a mum myself! I really long for her to be here, especially on very trying days when the kids have drove me insane, Im feeling unappreciated and just fed up! I want my mam! To say “God Mam kids r twats” and “sorry I was a twat”

just for a hug…

A Mam hug!!

If I’m totally honest I struggle with motherhood, I try my best I really

Do, but I do feel it’s never enough sometimes! I also try my best to be the best wife, and again I feel like that’s never enough on times!

I also struggle with knowing I struggle with motherhood! 🤷🏼‍♀️ can’t win really!

Why am i writing all this, it’s been one of those bad days! Where I’ve cried buckets, felt like I’m never good enough!!

I just wanted the mams out there to know, we all have our issues, we all get tired, scared, worried and just fed up!

We all want to do our best! And we all do!!

If ur struggling, grab a Mam friend and say “omg I’ve had a hard day today”

I bet u she’s had one too!!